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SETEE publishes high-quality original papers, review articles and short communications in the area of novel energy systems and applications. It may also include letters to the editor, book reviews, an events calendar etc. Submitted manuscripts should report on original works in the area of novel energy systems and applications which may be expected to address current technical, technological, economic, environmental, performance, systems issues, sustainability problems and bring potential solutions through improvements in efficiency, cost effectiveness, use of resources and sustainability, as well as improved energy security and improvements to the environment.

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Unlocking Environmental, Social, and Governance Advantages Through Hygiene Management in Plumbing Systems: The Smart U-Trap Refill Mechanism's Role in Pandemic Control

Pages 104-114


Mohammad Hady Makhmalbaf; Siu Tung LUI; Corina Man Ngo CHENG

Analytical solution and operation of Homotopy Perterbation Method for thermal boundary layer over a flat plate with a convection surface boundary condition

Pages 115-129


Behshad Shishehbor; Behnam Shishehbor

A new method of energy saving potential of phase change materials

Pages 130-143


Akbar malayeri; Amir Bazoovarz; Shahrokh Abdolkhani; Reza Khaki

Creating the applicability range of hydrodynamics in high energy collisions

Pages 144-153


Reza Khaki; Akbar malayeri; Amir bazovarz; Shahrokh abdolkhani

Behavior Analysis of High-Performance Concrete Using Data Mining Techniques

Pages 154-174


Behrouz Alibeyk; Alireza Saraei

Reducing the losses of the distribution network in the case of charging and discharging plug-in hybrid vehicles in the presence of scattered production sources

Pages 175-184


Shahrokh Abdolkhani; Reza Khaki; Akbar Malayeri; Amir Bazoovarz

Determination of Optimum Energy-Economic Insulation Thickness for Building Walls in Climate Zones of Iran

Pages 185-204


Amir Bazoovarz; Shahrokh Abdolkhani; Reza Khaki; Akbar Malayeri


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