International Journal of Smart Energy Technology and Environmental Engineering (SETEE) is dedicated to providing a multidisciplinary, unique platform for researchers, scientists, engineers, technology developers, planners, and policy makers to present their research results and findings in a compelling manner on novel energy systems and applications. SETEE covers the entire spectrum of energy from production to conversion, conservation, management, systems, technologies, etc. We encourage papers submissions aiming at better efficiency, cost improvements, more effective resource use, improved design and analysis, reduced environmental impact, and hence leading to better sustainability.

SETEE publishes high-quality original papers, review articles and short communications in the area of novel energy systems and applications. It may also include letters to the editor, book reviews, an events calendar etc. Submitted manuscripts should report on original works in the area of novel energy systems and applications which may be expected to address current technical, technological, economic, environmental, performance, systems issues, sustainability problems and bring potential solutions through improvements in efficiency, cost effectiveness, use of resources and sustainability, as well as improved energy security and improvements to the environment.

MHD Natural Convection Flow of Hybrid Nano Fluid in a Square Cavity with a Corrugated Conducting Block

Pages 1-13

Jalil Jamali

Designing a Device for Physical Modeling of Sand Production

Pages 14-25

R. Shirinabadi; P. Moarefvaand

Implementation of Geothermal Cooling to Prevent CPVT Overheating When Used for Building Heating, Electrical Generation and Hot Water Supply

Pages 26-40

Mehrdad Khademy

Simulation and Thermodynamic Analysis of a Combined Cooling, Heating and Power (CCHP) System with Allam Power Cycle by means of a Pure Carbon Capture Approach

Pages 41-60

Emad Dokhaee

The Impact of a CPVT Polygeneration System on a Home's Energy Bill and Budget

Pages 61-85

Majid Khazali

A Modern Hydrothermal Synthesis Method of Dendritic Silver Sulfide Nanostructures by Applying Novel Initiating Reagents and Verification of their Behavior in Solar Cells

Pages 86-93

Kourosh Motevalli; Zahra yaghoubi

Modeling of Drone Structures Based on Composite Materials

Pages 94-103

Murthadha Kamil Abed Aljanabi


Director-in-Charge Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor
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