Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 2 - Serial Number 4, September 2023, Pages 104-204 
Unlocking Environmental, Social, and Governance Advantages Through Hygiene Management in Plumbing Systems: The Smart U-Trap Refill Mechanism's Role in Pandemic Control

Pages 104-114


Mohammad Hady Makhmalbaf; Siu Tung LUI; Corina Man Ngo CHENG

Analytical solution and operation of Homotopy Perterbation Method for thermal boundary layer over a flat plate with a convection surface boundary condition

Pages 115-129


Behshad Shishehbor; Behnam Shishehbor

A new method of energy saving potential of phase change materials

Pages 130-143


Akbar malayeri; Amir Bazoovarz; Shahrokh Abdolkhani; Reza Khaki

Creating the applicability range of hydrodynamics in high energy collisions

Pages 144-153


Reza Khaki; Akbar malayeri; Amir bazovarz; Shahrokh abdolkhani

Behavior Analysis of High-Performance Concrete Using Data Mining Techniques

Pages 154-174


Behrouz Alibeyk; Alireza Saraei

Reducing the losses of the distribution network in the case of charging and discharging plug-in hybrid vehicles in the presence of scattered production sources

Pages 175-184


Shahrokh Abdolkhani; Reza Khaki; Akbar Malayeri; Amir Bazoovarz

Determination of Optimum Energy-Economic Insulation Thickness for Building Walls in Climate Zones of Iran

Pages 185-204


Amir Bazoovarz; Shahrokh Abdolkhani; Reza Khaki; Akbar Malayeri